Warwick Day Materials


Summer camp is a place to experience the love of God in a transformational way.  Campers begin their mornings in voices of praise and end each fun packed day in quite devotional conversations in their cabins. Camp is a place where kids grow at every level; some will grow emotionally as they navigate the new friendships at camp while others will grow physically as they conquer the climbing wall for the first time. There are new skills that are developed all in God’s natural creation.

The time spent in the outdoors is the cornerstone of the camp experience. Our children unfortunately spent more time in front of a screen than they do outdoors, and this year of pandemic has forced more time in front of digital screens. Children need to cultivate a sense of wonder by spending time in God’s majestic creation, climbing a hill, swimming in a lake, learning about trees and animals; realizing the awesomeness of this place we call home.

While at camp, campers are encouraged, they are reminded how they are the beloved of God and have value. They have the freedom to develop new friendships in a climate where there is no judgement of peer pressure. Camp is a place where the Christian story is lived out in the daily experience of acceptance. A joy of the camping experience at Warwick is our campfires, where we sing, tell stories, and everyone has a chance to participate and where everyone is honored for their contribution.

Our hope is that every camper has the opportunity to deepen the relationship with God that has been fostered by you, their faith communities, or that they will experience for the first time a loving God that cares for them, through time in creation, time in worship, or just a quiet conversation with a new friend.

Our theme for Summer 2021 is “MADE UNIQUE” building on the theme of Psalm 139. 

In Psalm 139, David celebrates God’s unique knowledge of him when he speaks about God being the master weaver creating all of his internal and external features; but not only did God do this, but God also made him a living soul with the capability to have an intimate relationship with God. In this Psalm, David responds to God’s gift of life in awe and wonder. 

All of us are special and at Camp Warwick and Camp Sunrise we want our campers to realize that we are a marvelously unique creation made with loving hands and we are welcomed by an ever-loving God and belong to a community.

We are asking that you consider taking a special offering on a Sunday in June for our camps. We are grateful for the generosity that you have shown to us throughout this past year of pandemic. We are excited to have the laughter of our campers back this summer!  There is a bulletin insert available for download along with a few nature craft ideas for families or Christian Education classes can be found below by clicking the links.