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How do I know if I’m registered?

A confirmation packet with details and additional information will be sent to you within approximately four weeks of receiving your completed registration.

What if I am missing some information?

If any of the required registration information is missing, processing will be delayed, and a spot will not be held for your camper. We encourage you to complete all forms, including immunizations,  and payment together to avoid processing delays.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Register early and receive $30 off of your first camp week.
A $25 sibling discount is available for siblings attending the Day Camp program, grades K-8.

Scholarships for overnight camps are not available at this time.

What if my selected week if full?

Camp registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Your registration will be accepted and processed when all registration documents and payment have been received. You will be notified if the camp week(s) you selected are not available and be placed on a wait-list if you choose.

What happens if I need to cancel or change a week?

Cancellations will incur a $40 administrative fee. Refunds are only given in circumstances involving a medical reason or family emergency. We will do our best to accommodate the requested changes in camp weeks if there is space in the camp program you are requesting. A three-week notice period is required for changes.

Can I come see the camp?

Yes! We have tour dates periodically throughout the spring. These are usually Saturday dates with varying times, if none of them works for you, please call the office, (845) 986-1164, to set up another time to come and visit Camp Warwick! Check our calendar, home page, or program pages for dates. You can also click the following link to register: https://forms.gle/MgSYzcUGNNdcwHqL8

Can I be in the same cabin as my friends?

We will try to accommodate one bunk partner request per camper to the best of our ability, but cannot guarantee placement.

Can I bring a call phone or any other electronics to camp?

Camp Warwick has a firm cell phone and electronics policy. This is not only for the safety of the electronics but also to help foster a camp community where campers are encouraged to develop relationship-building and social skills without the impact and distractions of technology.  Please click the link below for more information about our policy. If your camper uses technology as an assistive device, please let us know!


Is this a religious camp?

Camp Warwick is a Christian camp. We are owned by the Reformed Chruch in America and our core beliefs are central to the mission and purpose of our programming. To see our mission, purpose, and central beliefs visit our about Camp Warwick page. We hope that campers and staff are enriched by our times of reflection and learning in ways that generate mutual respect, empathy, and care for everyone that they meet. 

Why send my child to camp?

Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for campers to learn and grow each summer. At Camp Warwick we hope that campers learn independence, curiosity, social skills, relationship-building skills, community engagement skills, and gain confidence in who they are. Below are a few articles from the American Camp Association that provide further information on the positive impact camp can have on campers using research-based information. 

  1. Then and Now: Why summer camp is more important than ever before https://www.acacamps.org/blog/then-now-why-summer-camp-more-important-ever
  2. Why the World Needs Summer Camp: An essay to parents https://www.acacamps.org/article/camping-magazine/why-world-needs-summer-camp-essay-parents
  3. Worried about sending your kid to college? Camp can help! https://www.acacamps.org/article/parents/worried-about-sending-your-child-college-camp-can-help
  4. Why Kids Flourish at Camp https://www.acacamps.org/article/parents/why-kids-flourish-camp
What are the age breakdowns for each camp?

Camp Sunrise invites adults ages 18-55 years of age. 

Day Camp has three groups divided up by age and grade. Our youngest group is completed Kindergarten- 2nd grade (7 years or younger), our middle group is 2nd grade (8 years or older) – 3rd grade, and our older group is 4th – 6th grade. We also welcome students through 8th grade and split that group, 7th-8th, when we have a large enough group. Otherwise, they are grouped with the older Day Camp group. 

In Camp is divided by weeks and grades. Summer 2023 will have 2 weeks, 3rd-6th grade and 6th – 12th grade.

What is the approximate number of campers for each program?

As of summer 2022, Camp Sunrise averages 20-25 campers a week, Day Camp averages 30-40 campers a week, and In Camp averages 10-25 campers a week.

Nurse and Pool

What if I need to take medication at camp?
A nurse is on-site 24 hours per day during the camp week and is available to dispense prescription or over the counter medication as needed. All medication must be brought to camp in the original bottle. Campers requiring medication must bring the medication authorization form signed by a physician. This form should be brought at check-in and given to the nurse along with the medication. If we do not have the form at the time of check-in the nurse will not be able to administer any medications.
Is there a camp nurse?

Yes! The state of New York requires us to have a Health Director. Each week we will have a qualified nurse available to care for your camper as needed. This includes giving medications and being present in the event of a medical emergency. Our nurses have either current RN or LPN certifications. We also certify all of our Directors in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR and we have 3 AEDs on the property. Each camp and group will also have a first aid kit. 

Do we have lifeguards at the pool?

Yes. Every summer we have a waterfront director who ensures that the pool is kept at safe chlorine and pH levels. We also have 2 lifeguards on duty every day campers are swimming. Our lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross. 

Do you have swimming lessons? What about pool safety?

We do not have swimming lessons. Our pools are staffed with 2 lifeguards every day and have a waterfront director who provides swim tests at the beginning of each week to ensure that campers swimming in the deep end have the skills needed to safely do that. Our youngest group in Day Camp, for safety reasons, only uses the shallow end of the pool during their pool time.

At the beginning of each week, our lifeguards also go through the list of pool rules and implement the buddy system throughout each week to ensure that all campers are safe and accounted for. Counselors are also required to be present and attentive during pool time to ensure that the campers are continuing to follow safety rules while they are out of the water. 


What meals are included?

All meals, snacks and drinks are provided. Overnight campers also have access to purchase additional snack items daily from our camp canteen.

What kind of food is served?

Day Campers will receive hot lunch and 2 snacks daily. Some of the lunches that we serve throughout the summer are chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, and tacos. We also provide salad, fruit, and milk at every meal. Snacks include granola bars (nut-free), ice pops, muffins, cookies, etc. Our kitchen staff is aware of all food allergies,  sensitivities, and restrictions and will provide safe options for all of our campers. 

In Camp and Camp Sunrise eat the same lunches as Day Camp. They also have breakfast and dinner which include meals like pancakes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches, cereal, hard-boiled eggs, and eggs and bacon. For dinners, we have meals like pasta night, thanksgiving, ham, chicken and rice, etc. Again, our kitchen staff is aware of all food allergies,  sensitivities, and restrictions and will provide safe options for all of our campers.

What if I have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

We are a nut-free organization and do our best to accommodate other allergy or dietary issues. Please ensure allergy information is clearly communicated on your registration paperwork. If your camper has more specific requirements we encourage you to bring food and snacks from home so the camper has a variety of meals and snacks available for them to eat. Contact the camp registrar to discuss this.

Being a Camper

I’m going to overnight camp, what should I bring?

You can click the link below to find the In-Camp/Overnight Camp what to bring list

What to Bring To InCamp

I'm going to Day Camp, what should I bring?

You can click the link below to find the Day Camp what to bring list.

What to Bring To DayCamp

Who are our counselors?

Each year our staff consists of returning and first-year staff. During the hiring process, our counselors participate in 2 interviews, consent to a background check, provide 3 references, provide previous work experience, and sign a drug and alcohol policy stating that they will refrain from using any drugs and alcohol while employed with Camp Warwick. After being hired, all counselors and staff participate in a week-long orientation where we discuss safety procedures, appropriate behaviors and boundaries between staff and campers, basic health and wellness training, conflict management, working with neurodivergent campers, and more. 

We strive to hire adults and young adults who will best serve our campers in tandem with our mission, purpose, and central beliefs. We also strive to ensure that we are hiring people who understand healthy and safe boundaries while working with campers and fellow staff.

What are some of our daily activities?

Every day, regardless of which camp program your camper is a part of, campers are encouraged to participate in active recreation activities and games, pool time, arts and crafts, interest groups (including hiking, sports, specific arts and crafts or skills, STEM activities, etc.), team building activities, snacks and meals, and other meaningful activities. We encourage campers to participate in all of our activities but we do not force them to do anything. 

What do we do on rainy days?

If it is a drizzly day, campers will most likely participate in regular daily activities assuming the temperature is warm. The pool will remain open except when there is thunder, lightning, or the rain is too hard that the lifeguard cannot see the bottom. These conditions make it unsafe to swim. 

If the weather is really bad:

  • Day Camp will either stay in the indoor pavilion running stations with various activities, play quiet or group games, or participate in crafts and activities. If the weather is really bad, they will move to the assembly hall, in the East House, and do those activities or watch a movie. 
  • In Camp will use the lodge and pavilion to do the same sorts of things. Many of the scheduled activities can continue to run as planned inside or in the pavilion as they would have on nicer days.
  • Camp Sunrise will use its gathering space in the East House and adjust its schedule to accommodate time inside and utilize the covered outdoor porch when the weather is not too bad. 

During orientation, our staff is equipt with games and activities to have on hand in case of weather and each of our directors has a plan in place. 

In the event of a weather emergency, we will be in contact with you. We do have a shelter in case of a tornado.

What are our hours? Do we have early drop-off or late pick-up?

At this time, we cannot accommodate early drop-off or late pick-up of campers. Day Camp runs Monday-Friday from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. In Camp and Camp Sunrise run from Sunday at 3:00 pm to Friday at 6:00 pm.


Contact Rev. Linnea Berry, Minister of Camps, at (845) 986-1164 or at campwarwick@warwickconferencecenter.org.

For Registration questions, please contact Karyn Dunn, Camp Registrar, at 845-986-1164 or kdunn@warwickconferencecenter.org.