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Kick off your summer and your career by helping campers grow in their faith!

Be an incredible counselor and mentor to our campers!
We have Leadership and paid staff positions available for ages 18 and up.

Earn credit towards internships and degree requirements. Enhance your skill set for your vocation and resume

All fields of study are encouraged to apply!


Are you looking for a fun summer job that offers leadership opportunities in a caring, positive, and faithful staff environment?

Do you enjoy working with kids and people with disabilities, being active, and getting creative?

Have you been to camp as a camper and want to make a difference in the lives of young people and people with disabilities?

Long after the memories of chapel talks and campfires have faded, campers still remember their counselors. That is why we hire staff members based on a desire to learn and grow, maturity, excitement to work with campers of all ages and abilities, and most importantly, their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Each staff member is carefully screened through verification of prior work experience, a thorough application, character references, and a comprehensive interview. All staff participate in an orientation and training program prior to the arrival of the campers and are supervised by professional staff on a daily basis.


“Best part of my summer for 10 years! Miss this place.”

In-Camp Counselor

“A lot of great memories and great friends that I will never forget!”

Day Camp Counselor

“I learned so much as a camp counselor at Camp Warwick, it helped me decide to become a Special Education teacher.”

Camp Sunrise Counselor

Apply here for the best summer job you could ask for!


Are you a Registered Nurse?


Become a Camp Warwick nurse!

We are in need of registered nurses to join our team and work with us during the summer. We cannot run programming without the assurance that there is someone to care for our campers in the event of an emergency, illness, or injury as well as administer medication, help to monitor the health well being of campers day-to-day, and ensure that camp is a safe place for all of our campers and staff.

Apply below and email campwarwick1959@gmail.com with any questions, a job description, and compensation details, which includes a free week of camp for a family member!



Interested in applying but have questions?

Email us at campwarwick@warwickconferencecenter.org or give us a call at (845) 986-1164